undefinedThere's all sorts of different therapies in the realm of counseling and psychotherapy, but I really identified with the following quote that I recently came across on a listserv. Although simply articulated, I believe that this really gets at the crux (i.e. "the goal") of psychodynamic and psychoanalytically informed psychotherapy.

"Finding a solution to a problem is easy, finding the right problem to solve is discover the real problem(s) is the goal of therapy." Dr. Rune Moelbak, Psychologist/Psychotherapist, Houston, TX.

I often find that the reason someone initiated treatment isn't the "real" reason treatment was initiated. I believe that the "real problems" often lie in our unconscious, which means it's out of awareness. The goal then during psychotherapy is to make the unconscious conscious, for there, the real work begins. Psychotherapy requires a great deal of patience because "discovering the real problem(s)" takes time, energy, persistence, commitment, and a tolerance for ambiguity. Psychotherapy is hard work, but if you desire to get to the "heart of the problem," contact me, and together, we'll begin the process of your new journey!

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