COVID 19 Resources for Mental Health


COVID - 19 Resources for Mental Health

To all my patients, past and present, to get through all things COVID, please find a link to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention's Mental Health & COVID-19 resources. There, you'll find a plethora of resources. Check out the article from the CDC on Stress & Coping. It's very thorough and easy to read. While on the topic of stress, make sure to visit the link on How to Deal with Covid-19 Stress.  And one article I think all can relate to is from the APA titled, Grief and Covid-19: Mourning our bygone lives.  And research says these are the 4 Most Popular Ways to Improve Mental Health During Crisis.  Also, in my opinion, what better way to get through this pandemic than with Oprah and Deepak's 21 days of meditation titled, Finding hope in uncertain times.  We also need a lot of self-compassion to get us through to the other side of COVID. Check out and listen to the meditation, How to Develop Your Compassionate Self.  And harness The Emotion That Helps Fight COVID-19. I've also really been enjoying the podcast series titled, Managing in The Midst of the Current Outbreak by Guy Macpherson, PhD, The Trauma Therapist. I'm certain that everyone, one some level, big or small, will have experienced trauma when this is all said and done. Take care of yourself first, so you can be there for others. These are surely unpredictable times and comes with a host of challenges. But with challenge comes growth. Joshua Marine said, 'Challenges are what make life interesting. Overcoming them is what makes life meaningful." Hoping that you and all those you love and care for are healthy and safe! 

 Here's to finding meaning in our suffering,

Dr. Grant

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