Anticipation…we do it all the time, right? Why do we have the need to anticipate life? What are the benefits to anticipation? I suppose anticipation can be healthy in some way, but most importantly, I wonder about its negative impact. I believe, negatively, anticipation creates fear; the fear of the unknown. But, if only we could know…life would be easier. Is this true? Does this have something to do with control? Anticipation creates fear, fear creates anxiety, and anxiety creates more anticipation. You see, this is a vicious cycle. In what way is anticipation connected to the need to control? What is it we are trying to prevent from experiencing? Are we trying to prevent from feeling? Why does it feel so wrong to remain in the present? Is this because feeling becomes much more palpable? I challenge you to remain in the present with your thoughts and your feelings and do not judge them, just be…just exist.

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