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Answer Yes or No. Are you interested in protecting your relationship? If so, then this might resonate with you. A dear friend of mine recently told me that the reason he wasn't communicating with his partner was because he was trying to protect his partner. I candidly said, "Communication is the best form of protection." What is it that we're really trying to protect in our relationships? Shouldn't we allow our partners to decide what they need protecting from before we decide that for them? Is there something we're scared to confront-possibly about ourselves? How might this approach prevent us from connecting? Although communication can be difficult and complex, it's a necessity and without it, relationships often fail to thrive. The next time you think about "protecting" your partner, ask yourself, "Is there something I'm protecting myself from instead.


Reciprocity in meaningful and thriving relationships is a core ingredient in healthy relationships. One of my dear friends is in love with anything spicy or seasoned well and if I were to ask him to imagine Cajun food without the Cajun he would say, 'Huh, seriously.' Thus, without reciprocity, how do relationships thrive? If you're recognizing that you're giving more in your relationships than you're receiving, and you desire to have more meaningful and thriving relationships, it's time then to re-evaluate your relationships and your internal drive that maintains these relationships. 


"Making excuses gives you permission to fail; take responsibility, and you'll be surprised by how much you'll succeed!" Dr. Matthew Grant

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